Remy Stern, PE

Montana Office Manager | [email protected]

Remy Stern is a Professional Engineer (PE) and Certified Weld Inspector (CWI), NBIS Team Leader, and a SPRAT rope access technician. Remy has lived in a few states across the country but has spent a majority of his time in the Rocky Mountain region and currently manages eO’s Montana office. He has received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Colorado. Since graduating, Remy has been mentored directly by eO’s founding member, Ben Kenney, for his entire career. Remy is a load rating specialist with a strong background in structural analysis. He’s taken his structural focus into the field, performing as an NBIS Team Leader on a variety of inspection projects. Paired with his rope access capabilities and CWI, he is an asset on NSTM inspections that require a trained eye for fatigue prone details and steel-specific defects. For many of the projects that he performs the technical engineering work on, he also plays the Deputy Project Manager role – helping clients understand exactly what their structural issues are from first-hand account. Remy continues to show his dedication for the growth of eO through his commitment and drive on every project he works on and his continued efforts to develop relationships with each client he works with.

Remy also enjoys spending time outdoors whether that be by snowboarding, camping, or mountain biking with his family and friends.  In his more relaxed down time, Remy spends time working in his garden or on various projects around his house.            


  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 
    University of Colorado 
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering 
    University of Colorado
Colorado Idaho
  • SPRAT Rope Access Technician 
  • Confined Space 
  • Certified Welding Inspector
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