Kyle Rankin, CBI

Florida Office Manager | [email protected]

Kyle Rankin is one of the original founding members of eO, having worked directly with Ben and Taylor (Managing Member and President) for his entire career. He has been a crucial part to the development and growth of eO and currently acts as Florida Office Manager, ensuring successful projects and maintaining equipment that run out of the eO office location. He is an NBIS Team Leader, ADCI Commercial Diver, ADCI Air Diving Supervisor, ATSSA Traffic Control Supervisor, and FAA Drone Pilot. Kyle has served in many different roles in the industry including diver, team leader and manager on full-time statewide inspection contracts. He has had the privilege of working for several project managers and Department of Transportation teams throughout the country, which has made him a well-rounded inspector, project manager and team leader.

Kyle is not only passionate about his work but finds joy in his new role as a dad. Outside of work he fully values and cherishes his time with his family and takes advantage of any quality time he can with them. And as a Florida native, you can regularly find him on his boat finding solace in leisurely trips on the water. He also takes pride in maintaining and caring for his land and home.



  • ADCI Diver & Dive Supervisor
  • FDOT Certified Bridge Inspector
  • FAA Drone Pilot
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